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here you can find my real story
Abuse, Abuse and more Abuse ...

Criminality and disinterest
of the authorities and
judiciary towards my person
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Welcome to my website - my name is Alfonso

I am an Italian citizen and I have been without a home for 15 years.
Since 5 years I sleep in Verona Italy in the Municipal Sleep Accommodation.

Before these 15 years as a homeless person, I was in another EU country, self-employed
as an online publisher with press card. I was a member of Reporters Without Borders,
a member of an association for specialist journalists and an active member of the
Liberal Democrats.

As a Liberal Democrat, I need not say that I despise people who play with other people's lives.
Needless to say, this violates Gray Laws, European Law, International Law and Human Rights.
But in Italy nobody seems to mind that all this is happening. I can't say whether it's because the
intelligent mass of Italians have already emigrated, but it's a possibility. I am now 60 years old
and have some illnesses that do not make my life any sweeter and so I will not emigrate again.

Why this website ?
For three reasons, firstly not to become stupid like so many in my country because they don't do anything. In the meantime, as a homeless person, I have often become the victim of crimes not only violence, but also theft serious robbery with physical injury, false allegations and so on, twice I had to ask for political asylum abroad to be operated on because here didn't find the truth here matched and much more.
But the third and most important reason is ... my agency was destroyed, I had 500,000 Internet visitors a day and earned around 4,000 Euro a month (2006). I work differently than other webmasters and publicists, without website programs, like here, I write everything in HTML code from my head and like here from the tablet or Smartphone. Simply put, I can do it, so why not and if it bothers me, that I don't make money with it it's not as important to me as having fun with it. But would you like to set up a company where they gamble with your life, let you live as a homeless person for 15 years, do not grant you the necessary health cures, and that at the age of 60? Would you ?

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