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My name is Alfonso Palumbo, I am an Italian citizen, I have an International Press Card and I have been living since 2008 in Italy without paying rent for an apartment, electricity, water, gas etc.

» My Curriculm Vitae «

I publish my curriculum because my people need to know everything about everyone, even if it violates human rights. And live and let live is no longer Italian. The right to privacy is incomprehensible to many. Out of 6 countries in which I had a residence, my people are the most stupidized people of all, Stupidized by religion, state, and media, disinformed, manipulated and uninhibited. If you don't speak Italian, you won't notice it. That's how I see it, and can certify.

By the way, since I have been an entrepreneur in 2 countries several times, I cannot recommend investing money in Italy and also not creating jobs,
because, as you can see from my example and I am not an isolated case in Italy, it is not what you can do that counts, but who you know to get ahead!
Or do you know another country where you have to live without a home in your country for 15 years ?

I would like to tell you about how I have been living without an apartment in Italy since 2008

I believe that this also applies to all other EU citizens and I am therefore not an isolated case.
I won't list here where you can live for free, eat, get clothes etc. , but I'll tell you how I came to all this.
As I said before, I think this is the same for all citizens of the European Union.

» Residence :
in order to register a place of residence, usually we have to rent an apartment, in my case it is a bit different, because I suffer from 2 diseases for which I need a family doctor, at the moment it can also be 5. In order to have a family doctor I have to register with the state health insurance company, in order to be able to do this I must have the right to apply for residence in the area where I am staying. The application for a place of residence can be rejected, since I already had help from the lawyers of the street ( when I applied, they can then help, but I have never had an application rejected. After the approval of the residence, I had a domicile of the lawyers and a residence in the city in a virtual street that does not exist.

» Health service :
After registering my place of residence, I went to the national health service, where I registered with the virtual address. After registering, I chose a family doctor from a list, where I had myself examined. Since I have no income, I went back to the national health service and applied for exemption from prescriptions and examinations.

» Financial support :
Social welfare office and aid organisations, in order to receive financial aid from the state, it is necessary to contact various aid organizations for information.

» Accommodation :
After the residence, I asked for a social sleeping emergency shelter where I don't sleep alone in the room.

» Food and Groceries :
In every major city in Italy there are several organizations that offer food and groceries for free.

» Clothing and footwear :
In every major city in Italy there are several organizations that offer Clothing and footwear for free.

» Everything else :
For everything else I use my smartphone and Google to get the necessary information. The social welfare office, Caritas and other aid organisations can also help.

» What else you need to know : Maybe you think you're living in a police state?
In Italy it's not like that, here you live in a police and military state compared to other countries. The gentlemen and ladies of this State Security Service often do their work as they see fit at the moment, often I can confirm this even in violation of current Italian law, the Italian Constitution and International Human Rights. Some examples such as, for example, insinuation of crimes committed, abuse of office, I was also not given a criminal complaint at a Carabinieri office, the officials said that they regulate it alone. Apparently, no one is responsible for the disappearance of ads. I also have the impression that the police and carabinieri do not consider themselves to be public servants, but rather to be state owners.
You can read more about this in my report here : » PalumboStory «

» Some personal information :

Many people wonder why I have an International Press Card and live like this.
The answer is simple, As already mentioned, I suffer from various ailments that make it difficult for me to carry out a regular activity, even if others see it differently.
I am entitled to the press card because one of my last self-employed companies was as online publicists with my own agency and was already a member of a press association at that time.

Particularities :
I, too, as a journalist and publicist, was particularly scrutinized, hopefully this eye is now finally blind!
For decades, I have been observing, eavesdropping, controlling and interfering in my private life up to the destruction of my agency in Germany as an online journalist, looking the other way from the police and the judiciary in Germany.
But it gets much better...
2 Rejected asylum applications one in Switzerland and one in Austria, whereby according to international law the applicant is entitled to a lawyer in case of rejection, I have not received a lawyer in any of these cases!
And let's get to the explanation why I had to apply for asylum : After I was deliberately mistreated in 3 hospitals in Italy, I decided to apply for asylum in another country. Where in Austria they removed a lipoma in my abdomen.
After my return to Italy, I had health problems. In Verona, I was denied a family doctor for 8 months. The carabinieri did not see any problem that this violated human rights and the constitution.

22.12.2023 : For months I have been assuming that my computer and internet in the municipal library of Verona are being spied on and possibly manipulated.,not only in the Bibliotek but also in the Municipal Accommodation. I assume that no one has anything to do with it and that all the 3 monkeys do and can do, whether the international crimes and surveillance of journalists from official offices or private individuals I can't say. As I said before, I don't think we have a Gestapo in Italy anymore.

All the more reason not to invest in Italy and to create jobs, not only because of human rights violations but also because of looking the other way!

There are many reasons not to invest in Italy, the biggest reason for me is that human rights violations are considered a sport by the people.

So now I wish all those who want to seek their happiness in Italy a lot of success !

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